Welcome to the Select Committee on Emerging Technologies and Innovation

Ed Chau, Chair

Assembly Member Ed Chau,
Chair of the Select Committee on Emerging Technologies and Innovation

In California, we have witnessed first-hand the impact that technological innovation has in promoting economic growth, increasing our standard of living, and improving human health and the environment. With each passing day, new technological breakthroughs are on the horizon; therefore, it is critical that government is in a position to evaluate the impact of emerging technologies.

The Select Committee on Emerging Technologies and Innovation will hold informational hearings throughout the State to develop a better understanding of emerging technologies and their potential for transforming the economy and society. Specifically, the committee’s work will focus on identifying exciting early-stage technologies, understanding their market potential, the impact on legal and regulatory frameworks, and the social implications of future technologies on the public. The goal is to gather fact-based information and insight about important technological developments from leading academic, industry, and government stakeholders, among others, that will help policymakers develop appropriate strategies and responses, where necessary.

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